Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exclusive Camps

We are pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity unlike any other: 3 days of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training with the World’s Best BJJ Woman on the beautiful Côte d’Azur, Cannes.
Join us and indulge your passion for Jiu-jitsu. Here you’ll meet and learn from two of the World’s top BJJ woman competitors: Gezary Matuda and Mackenzie Dern.
For the first time ever the two Jiu-jitsu superstars will come together to share their secrets and show their winning ways. Never before have they joined together to divulge their methods, making this ground-breaking event an exclusive chance to get unprecedented access to the best Jiu-jitsu in the world in a place like no other.
This is an event not to be missed. Whatever your level of Jiu-jitsu, wherever you come from and whichever team you represent, you will benefit from up-close and personal attention from some of the most decorated and storied practitioners of all time. This is an incredible opportunity to pick up make-or-break details that will elevate your game and improve your skill.
During this 3-day event they’ll pass on a thorough breakdown of tried-and-tested techniques in small group sessions. Your game is guaranteed to develop with the help of these three champions as they fine-tune the technical details of high-percentage winning moves. The number of participants is kept small so they’ll be on hand throughout every session to cast their professional eye on your game and iron out any mistakes.


Makenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and one of the top female grapplers of her generation, being also the daughter of another famous BJJ personality, the legendary “Megaton”. Mackenzie Dern started competing in the adult divisions of Jiu Jitsu tournaments at the age of 14, winning the respect of most BJJ enthusiasts by winning several important trophies as a teenager. Her grappling tuition has been closely followed by her father, and also byRoyler Gracie, Letícia Ribeiro and Mackenzie Dern’s boyfriend Augusto Mendes.

Gezary Matuda

Gezary Matuda is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under the legendary Ricardo Libório and a top competitor of her generation, known for having one of the most exciting styles of fighting in the women’s divisions, a style that earned her numerous titles, such as the pan american and world championships in the black belt category.