Where is the camp located? What is the address? – The camp will take place in Ibiza, at Tower Ushuaia Ibiza . You can see the exactly address here. http://www.ushuaiabeachhotel.com/de/the-tower/ Is airfare included? – Airfare is not included in the price of the camp. You are responsible for booking your own airfare. Which airport should [...]

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Is a hotel included in the price? – No. Are meals included? – No. Can I bring my child or significant other to the classes ? -These classes are exclusive for members which paid for the seminar.

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What language will the instruction be in? – English. Will the classes be Gi or No-Gi? – Gi only. How many hours of training are there per day? – 2.5 min hours a day. Is the camp open to all teams and associations? – Yes.

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I can’t come for the whole camp. How much is it per day? You have to inquire ,in case camp is sold out no arrangements can be made ! What is the deadline for signing up? – The deadline for signing up is June 25th, 2018. Be warned, we are only accepting a limited number [...]

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